ただ、その一方鯖機のスペック不足により大変大きなラグ負荷が起きていることも事実です。 この2b2t.jpという鯖を守り、維持していくためには、皆様の協力が必要となりますのでもしよろしければできる範囲での寄付を検討いただけますと幸いです。

【寄付金の使用目的】 サーバーに関する、CPU、メモリ、マザーボード、回線代、電気代、維持費、プラグイン開発者への支払い、有料プラグインの購入などに使用していく次第です。





Request for donations

Thanks to the introduction of a major youtuber, many people from overseas have come to 2b2t.jp, and we have grown to a large server with over 300 max concurrent connections.

However, due to the lack of server spec, we are experiencing a lot of lags.

In order to maintain the 2b2t.jp server, we need your help, so please consider making a donation if possible.

The reason for this is that I don't have my own server server, but the server provider provides it to me free of charge.

Where money will go?

The money will be used for CPUs, memory, motherboards, internet bill, electric bill, payments to plugin developer, purchase of paid plugins and maintenance costs for the servers.

We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Important note about donation

- ABSOLUTELY no refund, with no exception.

- Even if you've donated, you still should follow our rules at #ルール-rule.

About donation we have received

We will collect the data about donation and publish it on our website.